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Deep Thoughts with Aleron Kong

If you have suggestions for Deep Thoughts with Aleron Kong, fill out this form to submit your ideas! If Aleron selects your Deep Thoughts - you will win a Mist Village Mafia T-Shirt!

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The Mist Village knows how to Party!

Come join the Mist Villagers for shenanigans, games, adventure and lots more! During the day, enjoy family friendly events, at night - bring your own Goatbanger! There will be cosplay, food, and entertainment. Of course Lord Mist himself will be there!

414 S Frontage Rd, Forsyth, GA 31029
November 1-3


Q: Is Aleron arranging this event?
A: No, this event is 100% by the Mist Village for the Mist Village!

Q: Will Aleron Kong be there? 
A: Do Gnomes Rule? Yes, yes they do, and yes, he will be there!

Q: Is this a family friendly event?
A: Yes, we will have family-friendly events during the day, in the evening it is 18 and up only. Family hours are 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Q: Where are we sleeping?
A: There is a variety of options, including camping, cabins and nearby hotels, some tickets include campgrounds, others do not if you would like to find your own lodging!

Q: Will there be alcohol?
A: Alcohol is allowed, but will not be provided. BYOGB (bring your own goatbanger)

Q: What activities will we be doing:
A: We are still imagining all the possibilities, but some of the ideas floating around are:

The Land: Role Playing System
Mist Maze 
Costume Contest
Boffer Weapon Battle or Duels 
Land Trivia Contest
Chaos Seed Cards Against Humanity
Mist Village Elders Margarita Making Contest - who can make the Perfect Margarita?

Notice:  This event has a zero-tolerance policy for firearms, bullying or trolls. 

Through service, ascendance. 
Through dedication, transcendence.